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Wooden Centrepiece Bowl

Wooden Centrepiece Bowl

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This item is beautifully crafted in a shape of pumpkin and it has natural wood color with a unique blend of earthy warmth and organic elegance that showcases the beauty of the wood itself.


It has a lovely design that can elevate the charm of any space. The warm hues of the natural wood color evoke a sense of comfort and connection to nature. The pumpkin shape adds a whimsical and inviting element, making it suitable for interior styles.


This item is perfect for enhancing the table arrangements. It will be wonderful for seasonal decor particularly suitable for autumn.

This item is in good condition with signs of use, it could benefit from a varnish and new coat of stain and varnish (if you wish to).




Length: 22.5cm

Height: 9cm

Weight: 1kg


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