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Ceramic Flowers Wall Plate

Ceramic Flowers Wall Plate

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Crafted meticulously by hand, this delicate plate is a creation of the renowned artist Ken Norris, from the Country Collection range. The plate features an enchanting depiction of Daffodils, skilfully hand-painted in vivid shades of yellow and purple, evoking the essence of a vibrant spring landscape. The intricate floral pattern is rendered in stunning 3D relief, gracefully adorning the pristine white surface.

Designed with both artistry and functionality in mind, this captivating piece is intended for wall display. Its petite dimensions make it a perfect fit for cosy nooks or as an integral element of an artful gallery wall.

This beautiful wall plate is in excellent condition.

📏 Measurements
Diameter: 12.5cm
Height: 1cm
Weight: 200g

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