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Diamond Fruit Dish

Diamond Fruit Dish

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The dish is designed in a unique diamond shape, which sets it apart from traditional circular or rectangular dishes.Made of majolica, which is a type of ceramic glazed. This gives it a distinctive, glossy, and often textured appearance.

The size of the dish is compact and is suitable for displaying decorative items, serving small snacks, or adding an elegant touch to your decor.

The dish features fruit and leafy motifs depicting various fruits such as grapes, apples, and pears. This motif adds a touch of nature-inspired natural beauty.

It is a rich, vibrant orange colour and a glaze that enhances the overall visual appeal. The dish is marked with Royal Worcester Crown Ware, England, signifying its origin and the prestigious Royal Worcester brand, known for its quality and craftsmanship.

Royal Worcester, an illustrious British porcelain company, has a remarkable history that dates back to its establishment in Worcester, England, in 1751. Founded by Dr. John Wall and a group of local businessmen, the company quickly gained acclaim for its exceptional craftsmanship and innovative designs. By 1789, Royal Worcester had earned the coveted "Royal" title, bestowed by the British Royal Family for their outstanding work. The brand's exquisite patterns, including the renowned "Hand-Painted Fruit" and "Floral" designs, garnered international recognition, solidifying its position as a leading manufacturer of luxury tableware and ornamental pieces. Royal Worcester's enduring legacy continues, with its exquisite porcelain wares cherished by collectors and enthusiasts worldwide for their historical significance and timeless elegance.

Royal Worcester ceramics, especially those with unique shapes, motifs, and vintage majolica glazing, can be highly collectable and sought after by collectors of fine ceramics.

The use of the crown symbol is a tradition that dates back to the 18th century, and it is closely associated with English porcelain and pottery production. It is often seen as a mark of excellence and craftsmanship, making Crown Ware items highly collectable and valuable.

This diamond-shaped majolica dish with a fruit leaf motif, bearing the Royal Worcester Crown Ware mark, is a testament to the craftsmanship and artistry of Royal Worcester ceramics. It is not only a functional piece but also a decorative item that can add an element of sophistication and vintage charm to your home decor or collection of fine ceramics.


📏 Measurements

Length: 25 cm

Diameter: 25 cm

Depth: 17 cm

Height: 3 cm

Weight: 500g

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