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Daisy Teapot

Daisy Teapot

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James Kent of Old Foley, Staffordshire, England, made this lovely little daisy adorned teapot. Both the front and back showcase a beautiful summer daisy pattern in a gentle ivory or white colour. A little daisy pattern is also on the cover or lid. The handle, the end of the spout, and the edge of the teapot are all delicately adorned with gold.

 James Aloysius Kent (born 1864 - died 1953) created the Old Foley Company in Longton with five Barker & Kent employees in 1897. James's four sons joined him in business. James Kent became a limited business in 1913. After James died in 1953, his second son, Philip Francis Kent, succeeded him as president. The company remained family-owned until 1981 when Bayer (UK) Ltd. bought it—Bayer is a German multinational chemical and pharmaceutical corporation.

 It is in excellent condition and ideal for summer and spring use.



Spout to handle: 19 cm
Widest area dia: 13 cm
Height: 12 cm
Weight: 500 g

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