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Sweet Pea Cooking Pots

Sweet Pea Cooking Pots

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A cooking pot set from Vision Corning France includes two white-coloured pots, one has a 1 litre capacity and the other has a 1.5 litre capacity, featuring delightful orange, blue, and pink sweet pea flower and green leaf designs. Crafted with high-quality materials, these pots are durable and functional for everyday cooking needs. The 1-litre pot has a lid and a pouring spout, the other 1.5 litre large pot does not come with a lid and also has a pouring spout.

The Vision Corning France pots offer versatility in the kitchen, suitable for various cooking tasks such as boiling, simmering, or preparing soups and sauces. With their charming floral designs and practical sizes, these pots add a cheerful touch to your culinary cookware while maintaining the renowned quality associated with Vision Corning France cookware.

The condition is good the large pot does not have a lid it also has slight staining inside, signs of being well-loved.


📏 Measurements

Small Pot 1 Litre (Has Lid and pouring spout)

Pot Diameter: 17 cm

Handle: 12 cm

Total Length 28 cm

Height: 9 cm

Large Pot 1.5 Litre

(no lid)

Pot Diameter: 20 cm

Handle: 13 cm

Total Length: 31 cm

Height: 9.8 cm

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