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Portmeirion "Peach Tree" Plant Pots

Portmeirion "Peach Tree" Plant Pots

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This beautiful ceramic plant pot set includes one large plant pot and three smaller ones and features a “peach tree” design by Portmeirion.

This design vividly portrays fully grown, succulent peaches hanging from the branches, surrounded by a profusion of vibrant green leaves.

Fill the pots with seasonal plants, such as tulips in spring, sunflowers in summer, mums in autumn, and evergreens in winter, to celebrate each season's beauty.


Portmeirion Pottery is a renowned British ceramics company with a captivating history. Established in 1960 by Susan Williams-Ellis, the daughter of Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, founder of the iconic Italianate village of Portmeirion in Wales. Drawing inspiration from the picturesque village and its natural surroundings, the pottery company gained fame for its vibrant and distinctive designs. The "Botanic Garden" pattern, introduced in the 1970s, became an enduring bestseller and a beloved classic. Over the years, Portmeirion expanded its offerings, collaborating with renowned artists like Sophie Conran and Sara Miller, solidifying its position as a prominent name in fine tableware and ceramics, cherished by collectors and enthusiasts worldwide.


This item is in excellent condition with no chips, marks or cracks.





Large x 1

Diameter: 16

Height: 13 cm


Small x 3

Diameter: 11 cm

Height: 8 cm


Weight: 2 kg


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