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Stoneware Mixing Bowl

Stoneware Mixing Bowl

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While most T.G. Green cane bowls include a diamond pattern around the edge, this one takes a different approach. Its fluted sides are reminiscent of the 1960s T.G. Green Easimix bowls.

Thomas Goodwin Green bought the Church Gresley pottery in Derbyshire from Henry Wileman in 1864, which led to the establishment of the T.G. Green pottery. For a long time, though, it catered solely to the practical needs of the local community by manufacturing mixing bowls and teapots, two items that were in high demand.

For the ideal pie or cake, nothing beats using one of these vintage mixing bowls—which are in excellent shape and would be a welcome addition to any kitchen, whether modern or antique.



Diameter: 23.5 cm

Height: 12 cm

Weight: 1kg

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