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Rustic Vase & Lamp Base

Rustic Vase & Lamp Base

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Ceramic lava-styled vase that has a brown and grey colour that makes it look drastically bold. Fitting perfectly into a neutral colour scheme.

The speckles and terracotta stripes make it charmingly rugged.

This earthenware features a wide variety of designs that adds life to every household. It's perfect for storing our blooming flowers to enhance the look of the place.

This would be a great vase for dried flowers, however do note at the back towards the bottom there is a hole that would not be suitable for holding water.

This is because you can also choose to make it into a lamp.

The condition is excellent, with no evident scratches as well as cracks.



Top Diameter: 5 cm

Opening: 2.5 cm

Widest: 14 cm

Height: 17 cm

Weight: 800g


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