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Hornsea Fleur Coffee Pot

Hornsea Fleur Coffee Pot

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This ceramic coffee pot with a delightful feature, made in the 1970s and designed by Sarah Vardy. Featuring a beautiful vintage floral and minimalist Hornsea pottery ‘Fleur’ design that wraps around the vessel. This elegant home décor features a poppy field in an embossed mustard and mint green colour scheme. It will make lovely dinnerware for your home and is an appealing design at the moment!

These are a must-have when having a minimalist, elegant coffee party with guests or having hot, sweet morning coffee with your loved ones! This classic fleur de cornrows pattern home decor is an excellent gift for all occasions.

This alluring Hornsea fleur coffee pot’s retro minimalistic mint green design is still in excellent condition. There are no signs of fading, and the design of this home décor is still pretty evident. Your coffee time rituals will look great and last a long time thanks to the high-quality craftsmanship of this home decor.



Diameter: 19 cm

Height: 28 cm

Weight: 1 Kg

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