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1/2 Cup Jug

1/2 Cup Jug

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A rustic style jug measuring ½ cup featuring an eye-catching colour scheme of beautiful earthy colours that adds to the overall appearance of this stunning piece.

It is meticulously crafted from earthenware which adds a rustic and earthy appearance to this unique item. It features warm and natural tones including dark brown, tan, and creamy beige which perfectly complements its pretty aesthetics. The front of the milk jug prominently displays the measurement indication "1/2".

With its whimsical design and accurate measurement indication, the measuring milk jug brings a delightful and practical element to your kitchen. It is a perfect item for someone who is drawn to whimsical, eclectic, or bohemian aesthetics.

Why not use it as a vase for displaying small floral arrangements. Cut flowers with shorter stems and arrange inside the jug. It is sure to create a rustic centrepiece for a dining table, kitchen counter, or sideboard.

The item is in an excellent vintage condition with no cracks, marks or damage.


Diameter: 6.5cm

Height: 7cm

Weight: 130g

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